CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Is your drinking water safe?

A new report out Wednesday says you might want to think before you drink from the tap.

The Environmental Working Group published a new database and website where you can plug in your zip code to see what chemicals are in your water. Their research shows Charlotte's water contains chemicals that could make you and your family sick.

The Group acknowledges the contaminants are within federal safety limits -- but disagrees with Charlotte Water on whether those contaminants still pose health risks.

We reached out to Charlotte Water who sent us a statement saying in part:

We are disappointed that the EWG has elected to display the information in this manner. The website implies that Charlotte Water provides something less than a clean, safe and reliable source of drinking water for the Charlotte community. Charlotte Water's goal is to first provide the highest quality drinking water to customers.

You can check out the chemical levels of water in your neighborhood, visit HERE.