CONCORD, N.C. -- A Concord family is desperately searching for their missing dog, and the people they believe took her.

“We’ve done a lot of crying this past week,” Perry Morris said. His dog, Pepper, went missing last Sunday.

“Pepper has been through everything with us. She's our kid.” He says Pepper was scared by a storm and ran to the Cabarrus Events Arena. That’s the last place she was seen.

Morris was later told that staff stopped by all the events happening that day trying to locate her owner.

Then a couple offered to take her home with them, presumably thinking she was just a stray.

Morris says he doesn’t believe the couple had malicious intent to steal Pepper. But he also is far from pleased about how it was handled.

“When you find a stray animal the first call you should make should be animal control,” he said.

“People might think that we're making a much bigger deal out of this than it needs to be but we don't care, this is our baby.”

By the time Morris and his wife found out about the arena and the couple, the two was long gone, and so was Pepper.

Arena staff told Morris said they tried scanning Pepper for a pet chip, but couldn’t find one.

“When we rescued Pepper in 2010 the Humane Society told us that she was chipped,” Morris said. “We haven't had any reason to scan her.”

He says he hopes others will learn from their mistake and double check their pets’ chips.

“We’re just sitting here like, how did we miss that?” Morris said. “We just want Pepper home with us. We won’t give up.”

If you know where Pepper is, you’re asked to call Carol Miller with Mt Pleasant Animal Rescue at (980) 439-6505 in addition to Cabarrus County Animal Control at (704) 920-3288 (ask for Lt. David Taylor).

The Morris family says as long as Pepper is returned safely, no questions will be asked.

She can also be returned to animal control anonymously.