MORGANTON, N.C. -- Firefighters are making progress in stopping the Chestnut Knob Wildfire in Burke County's South Mountains State Park.

The fire is estimated to be about 40 percent contained.

Fire public information officer Ludie Bond said firefighters are pleased with their progress after they had concerns that gusty winds over the weekend would spread the fire.

"The [containment] lines are holding and that's great," Bond said.

Some fires did reignite after the strong winds caused leaves to drop onto the hot ground.

"But that all again stayed within the containment lines," Bond said.

Despite their success, firefighters are still concerned about extremely low relative humidity for the rest of the weekend.

Bond said homeowners living around the fire should also be on alert.

"Don't let your guard down," she said. "Pay attention to the media. Pay attention to our social websites."

Firefighters could still be working to put out flames well past Thanksgiving.