LAKE LURE, N.C. -- Emergency crews are working at all hours trying to contain 20 fires burning in the North Carolina mountains.

The rain-deprived vegetation is acting as kindling, as evacuation numbers grow.

“We’ve had firefighters come in from all over the state, it has been a concerted effort and a successful effort” said Bill Swartley, Public Information Officer with the North Carolina Fire Service.

He says the Party Rock fire at Lake Lure is growing, now stretching over 3,000 acres. All they can do now is order evacuations and try to keep the flames away from homes.

“The firefighters are there they’re just waiting for it to get to the property lines and they’ll throw water on it,” Swartley said.

Still, the wildfire is too large, too dangerous to eliminate entirely. All crews can do now is try to control its path until mother nature extinguishes the flames.

“It will be either a major rainfall event, a series of rainfall event, or snow,” Swartley said.

Until then, dozens of residents are evacuated, many in shelter and hundreds of emergency crews from around the state are stepping up.

On Sunday, the Charlotte Fire Department sent 17 firefighters to assist.

“All things considered,” Swartley said, “when the fire walks down in to the community firefighters can handle it.”