CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte drivers are facing an unexpected consequence of the construction all around the growing city.

“We’ve picked up nails we’ve picked up screws, pieces of medal,” Nick Fedele said.

“I had a screw and a nail in my tire,” Ashley Nebel added.

Some drivers across Charlotte say it is becoming the new normal.

Leaving the house to find a flat tire with a nail lodged inside.

“My neighbor across the street warned me about it and I said funny enough, I had just gotten back from getting my tire fixed for the same reason,” Nebel said.

In a Facebook post, Nebel’s neighbor said she’s picked up three nails in just the past two weeks.

And while many welcome new construction across the Queen City, they want crews to clean up after themselves.

The problem isn’t exclusive to residential neighborhoods.

Just last April, drivers gathered at an I-77 safety summit to talk about safety, largely in part after enormous pieces of metal debris had been spotted on the road.

We are told there are street sweepers who routinely come through the neighborhood, but their primary responsibility is to clean up dirt and mud, not debris.