DAVIDSON, N.C. -- Davidson Green School students don’t hear a school bell or write at desks. It’s all part of unique, green way of learning.

Kathleen McIntyre cofounded the school three years ago with the hope of getting kids more in tune with nature, science and engineering in addition to the regular core classes. Each day begins getting the kids moving with recess and yoga. Then they're off to class.

“There’s so much research saying how essential it is for our children, and people just adults, to be outside,” McIntyre says. "It’s something that’s lost in a lot of schools.”

The students help dictate what they learn. They have a say in certain topics that they find interesting. It’s all based on philosophies similar to Montessori learning. Classes can be anywhere, in a cabin, the woods, or on the floor, giving kids more freedom and comfort while learning.

“How do we get kids to really explore their passion, and be hands on and learn about sustainability and how we care for the world,” McIntyre asks. “How to be entrepreneurs, how to be free thinkers.”

The application process is competitive with class sizes topping out at 15. While the school only goes to sixth grade, they hope to expand to more grade levels in the coming years. Instructors say this way of learning prepares students for anything in the future.