IREDELL, N.C. -- Administrators for Iredell-Statesville schools says there have been so many issues between drivers and students on board the buses, that they've come up with a new training to help stop some of those problems from happening in the first place.

Hundreds of students climb aboard every day and drivers are trained to deal with most situations that could come their way.

“We have had things where we have dropped the ball and made some bad decisions,” said Richard Armstrong, head of Operations for the Iredell-Statesville Schools.

However, there have been incidents recently that have triggered a new round of training for the more than 300 drivers.

“We are strongly encouraging our bus drivers to take an opportunity for extra training.”

NBC Charlotte told you how driver Maria Sanchez was charged with a crime, after kicking a student off the bus for misbehaving.

Then another driver dropped a student off at the wrong stop altogether.

Those issues, coupled with students' misbehaving on board indicated that additional training is needed.

“I watched a video the other day where there was a monitor, he had to basically work the entire route just to keep a child seated, that shouldn't happen,” said Armstrong.

All drivers on staff are required to pass background checks and drug tests.

They all also have to pass written tests and road tests before driving students.

But district leaders hope this new online training will help the onboard relations between drivers and students.

“On a school bus it doesn't take but a split second to have a driver distracted and that bus is in an accident,” Armstrong explains.

The new online training for the school bus drivers is scheduled for May 3.