NEWTON, N.C. -- Driving along Catawba County roads may not be as easy Saturday and Sunday.

"I-40 is kind of ground zero for this particular storm so we're watching that very closely," said Karyn Yaussy with Catawba County Emergency Management.

Yaussy says Emergency Management is prepping interstates and the back roads in the county to allow for quicker responses to emergencies, in the case of a weekend storm.

"Can we get our ambulances and fire trucks in if there's a problem in one of those locations?" Yaussy said.

The anticipation of damage to power lines has them checking their equipment.

"We check things like chainsaws," Yaussy said. "We check auxiliary lighting systems, those kinds of things just to make sure they're ready in the event of a power outage."

Catawba County expects to get much more snow than the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. CDOT says it will begin salting streets Saturday night in anticipation of the winter event, mainly bridges and culverts and hospital entrances.

Mecklenburg County's NCDOT tells NBC Charlotte they're bringing in staff Saturday night, ready to respond if the snow starts to fall.

Yaussy's biggest advice to all of you is to stay at home.

"Staying off the roads in the middle of snow and ice is the smartest thing anybody could possibly do," Yaussy said.