BOONE, N.C. -- Many of the main roads in the mountains, including in Watauga County, are clear of snow just hours after it came down.

North Carolina Department of Transportation's Watauga County engineer, Kevin Whittington, said heavy winds made it challenging for his drivers to plow snow off roads.

"When the wind blows, it has a tendency to, as soon as we go through, it blows it right back into the road," Whittington said. "It makes it stick and freeze a lot quicker in some of those areas where the wind blows typically."

Still, his crews cleared all of the county's main roads and will work into Friday night to clear secondary roads.

Ed Clemmons works for a beer distributor, and he said they're relying on DOT crews to keep the roads clear, not only for his drivers' well-being...but because snow tends to bring more visitors to the mountains.

"It brings a lot of money to the area," Clemmons said. "For us, it's all about business."

Boone Police said they didn't responded to any major crashes during the snowfall.