Kershaw County, SC (WLTX) - March Madness has found its way into Midlands classrooms.

At Blaney Elementary School, students earn points for their basketball team by how many books they read.

“We knew they’d be excited about the March Madness but also use it as a way to get them to read more,” Blaney Elementary Principal Ed Yount said. “We took the top 20 teams out of the tournament, and on the Monday before the tournament started, one student from each class came and a picked out a name of a team.”

Fourth graders at Wateree Elementary are learning fractions through the NCAA tournament bracket.

“One of the coolest things about math is how it’s used in everything. I think it helps for students to see that real-world perspective and be able to see that it’s not just a bunch of numbers on a page, that it has real world practices especially in things that we really love,” Wateree teacher Keith Porter explained.

The students like it too.

“It makes it more fun instead of just using a regular math book and just having to solve it,” Wateree student Iris Dunbar said.

“It's fun because it kind of makes me watch more basketball now to see which team's winning and all that because South Carolina's in the Final Four and all that and helps me out to read more,” Blaney student Ben Stoner said.

No matter basketball team preferences, education has already won.