CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. – Sandy Parsons, the adoptive father of Erica Parsons, admitted to investigators that he physically abused her before her death, in a search warrant obtained by NBC Charlotte Wednesday.

The warrant is dated September 27, 2016, just two days before Parson’s remains were found by police in Chesterfield County.

The warrant says that Sandy Parsons admitted that Erica was dead and that he described his treatment of her and the disposal of her body. Parsons told police that Parsons’ body was buried on December 19, 2011, and said her body was located near his mother’s home in Pageland, South Carolina.

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According to the warrant, Parsons was unable to tell investigators where Erica’s body was located but agreed to lead them to where her remains were discovered.

During multiple interviews conducted by police, it was determined that Erica was tortured before her death. Treatment included locking her in a closet, beating her with a belt buckle, bending her fingers back and choking her.