CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Nearly a year after a baby boy had a heart transplant the family is holding a toy drive for babies at Levine Children's Hospital.

The family is calling it, "Toys from the Heart."

"Everyday we're conscious of this gift," said Alice Marleaux, Toys from the Heart toy drive organizer.

Ollie Marleaux's home videos on Facebook are priceless, but he wouldn't be starring in them if it wasn't for someone else's sacrifice. At four-weeks-old, Ollie was diagnosed with a rare heart condition- hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Three weeks later, at seven-weeks-old, Ollie had a heart transplant.

"I mean it's devastating, said Marleaux. "There's nothing that could ever prepare you for that news. And your child is your whole world and then suddenly everything changes."

To celebrate, the family has organized a "Toys from the Heart" toy drive.

"In honor of our donor and her parents and the bravery of the decision they made to do a toy drive for Levine Children's Hospital," said Marleaux. "His 'heart-a-versary' is what we're calling it."

You can visit Ollie's Facebook Page here for more information.