MONROE, N.C.-- Kalique Farmer was gunned down outside of a home near Hough and Everette Streets Sunday afternoon.

Police initially said he was on his way to a barbecue when he was shot. Family members say, that's not the case.

Family members say the 17-year-old who was shot in Monroe over the weekend was killed because of a misunderstanding.

According to Farmer's family, the teen went to the home to try to be a peacemaker after an altercation the night before. Farmer's friends and some other people got into a fight at a graduation party. Someone at that party named Farmer as one of the people involved in the fight.

Family members say Farmer went to try to clear the air, and his name, with the hopes of making peace between the two sides.

Somehow, that conversation took a turn for the worse. Farmer was shot and killed.

Monroe police have now brought in the SBI to investigate the homicide.

"Police are actively involved in interviewing suspects," said Pete Hovanec, a spokesperson for the city of Monroe. "We need the community to help us in bringing justice in finding out exactly what happened and why it happened."

Farmer's brother, who is just two years older, said he still can't believe he is now speaking about him in the past tense.

"That's something I didn't think I'd ever be doing," said Kalib Farmer, 19.

The pair were inseparable.

"If I went somewhere, he went somewhere," he said. "It's like we were one person."

Kalib Farmer said his little brother had dreams of being a rapper one day. His stage name was "Kado". His mother points out he was much more than that. He was an award-winning wrestler and a good student.

Kalib said his brother was all heart. "He was loving more than anything," he says. "If you was his friend he'd give you his last no matter what."

Kalib says his brother was most excited about becoming a dad. He has a son on the way that is supposed to be born next month.

"I'd be telling him you're too young to have a child now. You're supposed to have one when you get older. Now, I'm kinda happy he has one one the way now, how things turned.... A little piece of him."

The family has created a GoFundMe page to help with Farmer's funeral expenses.

The Taco Bell in Pageland where his mother works is also collecting donations.