CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A family is furious after they say a technician from AT&T pepper-sprayed their two labradoodles.

The employee was allegedly in the family's backyard when he says the dogs rushed him.

Now the company is launching an investigation.

"I come home and you've hurt my pets and that's not okay," said Belle Holmes, a pet owner. "You just don't think that someone's going to come onto your property and do something to your pets."

Holmes believes her dogs were pepper-sprayed Wednesday. She claims a worker from AT&T is the culprit.

She gave NBC Charlotte a home surveillance photo she says shows the worker in her backyard.

"He had been up on his ladder most of the day so I waited until he came down which gave me time to wash off the dogs," said Holmes. "I walked out and was like, 'did you pepper spray my dogs? What happened?' He said, 'yeah, I pepper sprayed them because they ran towards me.'"

NBC Charlotte reached out to AT&T for comment. They sent a statement saying, "We take the safety of both our employees and the public very seriously. We’re currently investigating."

Holmes and her husband called the police and filed a complaint with the company.

"Maybe these people are allowed to come into your yard but there should be some stipulations for what they do to your pets," said Holmes.