CLOVER, S.C. -- FBI agents spent several hours searching a million-dollar house on the shore of Lake Wylie in Clover today.

The agents were from the Columbia, S.C. office. A spokesperson would only confirm the Bureau was conducting an investigation but would not say what they were looking for.

A source close to the investigation told NBC Charlotte's Rad Berly that it was a white-collar crime type of investigation and no arrests would be made today.

The home searched is on Island Forks Road and is listed to James Maier. Maier is also listed as the owner of a rental business in Lake Wylie.

Neighbors said Maier and his wife had moved in just two months ago.

Mike Kelly lives right across the street. Kelly said he his interactions with his neighbors has always been positive.

"We took them a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread when they moved in," Kelly said. "He's borrowed some lawn tools. You know, a typical wave when he goes by thing. It has been good."

Another neighbor, Jerri Beveridge said she had no idea what was going on.

"Its a wonderful neighborhood and I just hope nothing is going on," she said.