CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A video posted to Facebook last Friday night shows the moment a fight broke out between two men at the Charlotte Transit Center in Uptown.

“I watched it. And then I shared it. And then it was like 15 people after me who shared it,” commuter Shakilah said.

It’s now received more than 10 million hits and over 100,000 shares.

The video shows a man repeatedly throwing punches at an older man in a brown ball cap.

But three minutes in, he is knocked to the ground by a man in a blue hoodie.

Riders here said it isn’t uncommon to witness something like this.

“I’ve seen a few fights break out yeah,” said Jesse Cooper.

“There’s been fights going on at transit for a long time now,” Cam Wilken added.

NBC Charlotte pulled the crime reports from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and found there were 45 crimes reported at the transit center during the month of March. They ranged from thefts to assaults, and robberies.

And just in the past week nine more crimes have been reported have been reported there.

“Does it surprise me no, disappoint me yeah a little,” Cooper said.

“Usually the guards step in before things get too out of hand,” explained Wilken.

Some riders expressed feeling safe overall but said more should be done to protect commuters.

“Places like this should be held up to a higher standard because it’s maintained by the city. So if people aren’t safe here, if people can’t feel like they can catch their bus and not have to worry about being mugged or whatever, then it reflects a bad image on the city,” said Wilken.

Of the nine reported crimes this past week, there were six thefts, one assault, one robbery, and one report of fraud.