CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Fire used a fire engine to free a blue heron trapped upside-down in a Park Road Park tree Sunday.

The bird's leg was entangled by fishing wire wrapped around a branch roughly 50 feet in the air. Once free, CMPD Animal Care and Control officers brought the birds to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue in Union County.

"He has a very good chance," said Shift Leader, and volunteer Melissa Patera. "From what we can tell his wings were not affected. He was hanging upside down by one leg. So we'll have to evaluate him really close to see if it was dislocated or any breaks, or fractures in there. He'll be treated and as soon as he's able- we'll release him."

Patera says without the good Samaritans who called the rescue in, the firefighters who went up the latter, and Animal Care officers who drove the bird to their shelter, in addition to the volunteers who make the water rescue work, the bird would have had little chance of survival.

"When we have a good success story like that it's a great thing."

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue encourages everyone who enjoys the outdoors to be responsible with the environment.

"Everybody has their sport, but you have to clean up after yourself. Don't leave the fishing line in the water. Clean up all that wire and any hooks because the hooks can get in the feet."

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is in need of volunteers if you would like to make a difference in the lives of animals just reach out to them to learn more: