1. Senate narrowly defeats 'skinny repeal' of Obamacare, McCain votes 'no'

he Senate narrowly defeated a bill early Friday that would repeal limited portions of Obamacare as Republican Sen. John McCain cast the deciding vote against the plan.

Senators voted 49-51 for the bill.

The vote was a major blow to GOP Senate leaders and it was not immediately clear what they would do next. House and Senate Republicans campaigned on a promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but they have struggled to reach consensus on how to do that.

"This is a disappointment indeed," said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

2. Fatal fair ride in Ohio was in Charlotte weeks ago

According to state reports from the North Carolina Department of Labor, the exact ride that killed one and injured seven others at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday night was in Charlotte at the Carolina Fair just last month.

The 'Fire Ball' ride was one of many that was available to the public at the Carolina Fair at The Park Expo off Independence Blvd over the memorial day weekend this year, operating in the Queen City just last month.

According to Amusements of America, the company providing rides to the Ohio State Fair this year, 'The Fire Ball' "combines swinging and spinning action all in one ride! Since it's debut in 2002, the Fire Ball has become one of the most popular thrill rides on the AOA Midway. The Fire Ball swings riders 40' above the midway while spinning them at 13 revolutions per minute!"

Based on the safety reports done by inspectors on the ride in North Carolina, there were problems when it was here in town as well. Click here to continue reading.

3. Mandatory evacuation on Ocracoke Island after OBX power outage fix 'could take weeks'

Two islands along North Carolina's Outer Banks are completely without power, and authorities are mandating non-residents and tourists to evacuate as residents prepare for an extended outage.

Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative officials said in a Facebook post Thursday that the breaker at Oregon Inlet was tripped about 4:30 a.m., causing a full outage for Hatteras and Ocracoke islands. Several hours later, crews found a fault on the transmission cable attached to the Bonner Bridge that has been under construction.

4. New details emerge in search for suspect wanted for double homicide

There are new details about the double murder suspect at the center of an urgent manhunt.

Several shocking discoveries were made on Thursday morning after a woman notified police from the hospital.

Officers found a man dead in the trunk of a car and a woman murdered at a home on Red Clay Lane. Neighbors said that the woman who called the police is the daughter of the two people murdered.

“Nobody deserves to die like that because this guy is out getting high,” said one neighbor who asked his face not be shown.

The neighbor says he spent time with the suspect just hours before the crime.

“if I had known I would have talked to him, it wouldn’t have happened,” the neighbor said. Click here for more details and to view a mugshot.

5. Flasher strikes again at Arboretum, targets young girls

Police are looking for a man they say flashed two young girls and their grandmother Tuesday.

The indecent exposure happened at the Taco Bell at the Arboretum Shopping center in South Charlotte. Shoppers were horrified to hear about the incident.

“This is a beautiful area to have people like that disturb the community I think it's ridiculous,” said shopper Nick Abate.

We went through police records and found several indecent exposure reports filed from the Arboreturm shopping center. Click here to continue reading.