1. Planned terror attack foiled south of Barcelona, police say

Police in Spain say they have thwarted a new attack by the terror cell that earlier blew up a house and killed more than a dozen people by plowing a van into a crowded pedestrian walkway.

The latest attack was targeted toward Cambrils, a beach town south of Barcelona, the Catalan regional police reported Thursday night. Police said they fatally shot five people, who all were carrying bomb belts and had run over civilians with a car.

Spanish public TV reported some of the suspects in the Cambrils attack were carrying explosive belts and also that seven civilians were injured. Police have asked citizens in the town not to leave their homes.

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2. Kannapolis police looking for pharmacy robbery suspect

Kannapolis Police are looking for a thief that broke into a drug store and stole meds. Moose pharmacy has only had 1 other break-in in the last seven years.

"They got a few things of concern, but for the most part, it was some blood pressure medicine, some heart medicine and a lot of things that didn't make sense," pharmacist James Bowman explained.

"They even got some generic Viagara, you could tell they really didn't know what they were looking for when they came in," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Kannapolis Police.

3. Can't get eclipse glasses? Do this instead

By now, you’ve probably heard multiple times that staring at the eclipse with your naked eye is bad.

Like very bad. Like giving you permanent eye damage bad.

Luckily, you can buy special glasses that are 10,000 times stronger than sunglasses to watch the eclipse. But by now they are sold out almost everywhere. Or perhaps you’re just more of a “do-it-yourselfer.”

The good news is, there’s another option: a pinhole camera. And it's NASA approved. Click here for directions on how to build your own eclipse pinhole camera.

4. Tracking and recording students on CMS buses: Good idea or tech gone too far?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials revealed plans to roll out an app in the next couple of months that would allow people to track school buses and all 126,000 CMS students on them.

CMS leaders say the new technology will be beneficial to students, parents and the district. Some parents aren’t so sure the tracking feature is a good idea.

“The public being able to have access to that I'd be really concerned about that,” said Chuck Taylor, who has a daughter in CMS.

“Being able to track the whereabouts of your kids and anybody can end up doing that, especially if they end up knowing your area where you're at. And you have a young daughter like I do, I'd be really concerned about that.”

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5. They blacked out at a Mexico resort. The woke up to a nightmare.

The young woman behind the desk at the police station in Playa del Carmen toggled between her cellphone and computer, Snap Chatting with friends and scrolling through Facebook, as she asked the young man from Boston whether he had ever enjoyed sex.

How that was relevant, he didn’t know. He was at the police department in the small Mexican city south of Cancun to report that he had just been drugged and raped while receiving a massage at a world-renowned resort and spa.

Three months later, there’s no sign of justice; no indication Mexican police pursued the case. The man is back home, struggling through the emotional aftermath.

The despair and frustration he’s facing are familiar to dozens of vacationers who have been victimized at upscale, all-inclusive Mexican resorts.