1. Charlotte couple who lost sons welcomes twins

The Charlotte couple who tragically lost their two kids in a car accident just welcomed twins Monday.

The family welcomed twins Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed.

The twins' middle names honor their older brothers who lost their lives in a car accident on their way home to Charlotte from a family wedding at the beach. The couple spoke publicly for the first time, click here to see what they said.

2. 7-Eleven celebrates 90th birthday with free Slurpees

Cool off from that Carolina heat with a slurpee!

Every July 11, or 7/11, the convenience store gives out free Slurpees. And this year is extra special as the company celebrates its 90th birthday. Click here for all the details.

RELATED: If Slurpees aren't your thing, it's also Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day. But to score some free food, there's a catch. Click here for more.

3. Raw body cam footage of officer-involved shooting released

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released the full, unedited body camera footage from two officers involved in a fatal shooting back in March, at the request of the deceased's family.

The family of Laroslav Mosiiuk, in compliance with a new law that requires families to file a court order to release body cam footage, requested the body camera footage of officers Brian Walsh and Michael Dezenzo be released by CMPD.

Laroslav Mosiiuk, 25, was shot in the back during the fatal incident on March 8, 2017 after officers responded to a suicide call at the 1000 block of Justice Avenue in Charlotte, where two officers found Mr. Mosiiuk holding a hunting rifle. Click here to watch (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

4. 'No swimming' advisory issued after wastewater contaminants found at Mountain Island Lake

A no swimming advisory has been issued for McDowell Creek Cove on Mountain Island Lake in Mecklenburg County.

Approximately 58,000 gallons of partially treated wastewater discharged into Mountain Island Lake from the McDowell Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Huntersville. Click here for a detailed map of the 'no swimming' area.

5. Local woman dies in a tragic freak accident

A community is in shock after a freak accident over the weekend leaves a local mom dead.

33-year-old Shelby Dickson was at a parade in Illinois celebrating when the brutal tragedy claimed her life.

Shelby was visiting the small town of Lebanon, IL. where police say, she was trying to get back on a float in the town's parade when she slipped off. That's when the float hit her. Shelby's brother-in-law spoke with NBC Charlotte, click here to hear what he had to say.