1. Charlotte drivers rank among worst in country, study finds

Drivers in Charlotte, North Carolina rank among the worst in metropolitan cities across the United States, according to a recent study.

The Queen City landed in the 14th spot on the list of worst drivers in the 75 most populated metro areas in the country. The worst drivers live in Sacramento, California, while the best drivers are in Detroit, Michigan. Click here to see what other cities made the 'worst drivers' list.

2. Citizens Review Board: Error in decision that Keith Scott shooting was justified

Charlotte's Citizens Review Board has sided with the family of Keith Scott in their appeal of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police's findings that the shooting of Keith Scott was justified.

The Citizens Review Board voted 8-2 that there was significant error in the decision that Scott's shooting death was justified.

Julian Wright, the attorney for Citizens Review Board, said the review board's power is only to make a recommendation.

"What the Citizens Review Board is empowered to do is write a recommendation to the chief and say essentially to the chief, 'We believe your determination that this shooting was justified is not correct,'" Wright said. Click here for full story.

3. Abandoned school fire being investigated as arson

Smelling smoke in uptown? You're not alone.

Fire officials are investigating after an abandoned school in north Charlotte went up in flames Tuesday night.

According to Charlotte Fire, emergency crews responded to the old Double Oaks Recreation Center, just off Prince Hall Avenue around 11:30 p.m. Initially, firefighters were dispatched after people reported a strong smell of smoke in the area.

Firefighters at the scene said the fire started inside a classroom and was mostly contained to the building’s interior. Investigators at the scene believe the fire may have been intentionally set. Click here to read what fire officials had to say about the incident.

4. Happy News! Abandoned dog with prosthetics training to become therapy dog

Left by the side of a Greensboro, North Carolina roadway, the two-year-old dog was in bad shape. Badly malnourished, born without back feet, and suffering from heart worms.

It was unlikely he would survive on his own.

However, one driver passing by had compassion for the animal, and took the dog to Hartman's Haven Dog Rescue in Catawba County. The non-profit named him 'Benson' and treated him back to health, including adding prosthetics for his back feet to prevent long-term problems.

"The prosthetics alone cost near $4,000." said Lindsey Robbins, a caregiver for Benson. "He is doing wonderfully. He's spunky and all over the place. He hangs out downtown."

Robbins is enrolling Benson into dog therapy training with the hope that others will be inspired by his story. Click here to check out pictures of Benson and his new legs.

5. Duke Energy warns of new utility scammers

Duke Energy is warning customers about a utility scam that has already been reported by thousands nationwide.

“Scammers, they typically try all sorts of tactics. Their ultimate goal is to try and get money from customers,” Duke Energy Spokesperson Meghan Miles said.

It happens when a customer gets a call from a person pretending to be a utility representative, the scammer will lie and say there's an unpaid balance on the account, and then finally threaten to disconnect power within the hour if the customer doesn't pay up. Click here to continue reading.