1. Charlotte faces a night filled with violence following Fourth of July festivities

Police across Charlotte and surrounding areas have had their plates filled with multiple violent incidents following Tuesday night's celebrations.

In what are all being investigated as separate incidents that span across the area, a teenager was shot, a man was stabbed and two men arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds. Click here for more details.

2. Search for man who attempted to abduct two female runners nears 24 hours

CMPD shut down areas of the U.S. National Whitewater Center on the Fourth of July as they searched for a suspect who attempted to abduct two female runners Tuesday morning. And the search continues into Wednesday.

A female victim says she was on a run around 7:45 a.m. when a man pulled up to her, pointed a firearm and told her to get into the car. Luckily, she was able to run away, however, an hour later the same suspect approached another runner nearby. Click here to read the suspect's description.

3. North Carolina officers going viral after joining in on block party fun

Ain't no party like a block party!

Two Asheville Police officers are getting a lot of attention for joining in on some neighborhood fun this Fourth of July.

The officers responded to a call about a street disturbance. When they got there, they found a block party going on. After the officers realized no laws were being broken, they decided to join in on the fun and took a turn at the makeshift water slide. Click here to watch the hilarious video!

4. 25 people in Charlotte celebrate Fourth of July with American citizenship

As millions celebrate Independence Day across the United States, thousands of people will have something extra to celebrate. Over at the Charlotte Museum of History, a naturalization ceremony took place, as new U.S. citizens were announced one by one.

NBC Charlotte got a chance to chat with the new citizens after their life-changing moment. Click here to watch.

5. Grab your swimsuit, it's national bikini day!

While July 4 is America's birthday, the festivities don't need to stop there. Need another reason to head to the beach Wednesday? It's national bikini day! Although it has been decades since the iconic swimwear first burst onto the scene, that hasn't stopped some recent innovation. One New York restaurant is offering to make you a pizza bikini, crafted entirely of homemade dough, pepperoni, whole milk cheese and California tomato sauce, all for the price of just $10,000. Dread shopping for summer swimwear? Here are some tips to make buying the perfect suit a little less stressful.