ANSON COUNTY, N.C. - Emotions are still running hot on social media and in real life in the wake of a 4-month old puppy being euthanized to be tested for rabies.

People, some not from the region or the state, are making death threats against workers at the Anson County Animal Shelter over what they say was the unnecessary testing of a puppy that looked happy and healthy just a day before she was put down.

The dog named Shayla reportedly bit a worker while being taken to an animal rescue group.

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Shayla was 6 days into a 10-day quarantine when she was put down to be tested for rabies, the only way the state can perform the test. The results that came back on Wednesday show the puppy did not have rabies.

Thousands of people have called, emailed and sent Facebook messages into NBC Charlotte saying the dog didn't need to die.

The Greater Charlotte SPCA has also been speaking out on social media against the way Shayla's case was handled.

But they say death threats aren't the answer.

"The passion and the outpouring is great," said Charlotte SPCA board member, Theresa Bill. "But the threats, the violent threatening of people, of harming people, it needs to stop. It is not productive."

Instead, the Greater Charlotte SPCA is urging people to volunteer at their local animal shelter.

Meanwhile, an online petition calling for Anson County's manager, Megan Garner, to be fired has now gathered more than 32-thousand signatures as of Thursday evening.

Notedly, that number is more than the entire population of Anson County by over six thousand people.