LANCASTER, S.C. -- A Lancaster County food pantry is trying to figure out how it will make its pickups and deliveries without a truck. Christian Services reported their white box truck was stolen Wednesday morning after thieves took it from their parking lot overnight.

The truck served the pantry and was used to pick up donations for their thrift store next door.

"We're kinda surprised, it's not like we had the best truck on the road," said Executive Director Eric Kramer

Kramer says the Christian Services Pantry is the second largest in the Carolinas.

"We sort it, we bring it through the back," said Kramer as he walked through the pantry. It's shelves stocked with cereals, water and snacks and freezers packed with meats, .

"The people actually get a lot of food when they come here," he said.

A shopping cart full, valued at $100 or more. He says families in Lancaster County can come to the pantry once a month and a mobile pantry twice a month. However, this Friday's mobile pantry didn't go as planned, since they didn't have the means to transport the food to other parts of the county.

"When people don't have transportation they can maybe get there a lot easier rather than come here, so some people lost out today," Kramer explained

"I don't know what the world is coming to," said Kay Granger, a frequent shopper of the Christian Services Family Store which supports the pantry. "I don't know what the community would do without these places right now," she said.

The pantry did rent a U-Haul truck, but at $175 a day they worry it could eat away at their funds. Kramer also says it is tough to rent a truck big enough for their needs. Wednesday they are supposed to pick up 20,000 lbs of food.

"As a non profit we're cash poor, we don't have money in the bank, we don't have endowments, we operate month to month so it definitely will put a strain on us financially," he said.

However, until their truck is found or replaced, "we'll do what we have to do to keep serving the people of Lancaster," Kramer declared.

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Department say they have some leads but still haven't located the truck. Anyone with information about the stolen truck is asked to contact the Lancaster County Sheriff's Department. To donate to Christian Services Pantry you can visit