CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For many, it was a must-see political TV.

“I think we're going to satisfy our curiosity,” says Chris Swecker.

But for Swecker, a Charlotte resident and former FBI Assistant Chief of Criminal Division, he says he doesn’t expect much to come from Comey’s testimony before Congress.

“I don’t think it's going to move the ball one inch towards an impeachment, of course, there will be talks about it and that’s because inappropriate doesn’t rise to the level of criminal. Bad judgment doesn’t rise to the level of criminal, being clumsy about protocols and roles of agencies is not a criminal offense but it does show bad judgment highly inappropriate but it’s not an impeachable offense and I don’t see that moving forward at all.”

“Bad judgment is an issue for a president,” says Shamarli Ollick.

She’s visiting Charlotte from Washington D.C. and made a point to tune in.

“I was just really interested in what he was gonna say about what happened between him and the president,” she adds.

Jeff Gray told us, “I don’t really feel like this was the big gotcha moment everybody thought it was going to be.”

But he admits, “it seems people are taking the hearings to confirm their pre-assumptions and what they want to believe.”