CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper called the latest budget proposal passed by Republican in the legislature, “irresponsible," on Wednesday.

Cooper blasted the budget during a mid-week visit to the Charlotte campus of Central Piedmont Community College.

Touring classrooms and labs, Cooper said CPCC had always been on the cutting edge of teaching students the skils they need to get a good job.

However, Cooper said the latest budget proposal cuts some scholarship funds that students need.

“Its unfortunate that those funds are not in this budget. We need to keep fighting for them,” said Cooper.

Many students agreed, including Kristeyn Beaver, who said she was glad the Governor had stopped by the school.

“It shows he cares about what we are doing here and finding ways to make education more affordable for us," she said.

The budget calls for a series of tax cuts, but delays them from next year until 2019.

Cooper said the cuts primarily will help people making more than $1 million a year.

“That is 85 times higher than the tax break for the middle class working families.

Cooper did not say if he would sign the budget when it gets to his desk.

Should he decide to veto it, the Republicans control more than enough votes to override a veto.