INDIAN TRAIL – Volunteers with the nonprofit organization Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR) are driving 24 hours from South Dakota to the Carolinas Friday after rescuing birds from a wildlife sanctuary needing to reduce its animal count.

According to a press release from JAJ Nonprofit Resource, LLC; 36 chickens, 22 geese, 10 pigeons, 9 ducks, one black swan, quail and pheasant were rescued by volunteers.

The rescue was alerted to the situation at Spirit of the Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Spearfish, S.D. and were joined with other animal rescues across the country – including Izzie's Pond in Simpsonville, S.C. – to raise the money needed to travel and buy a trailer to transport the animals before harsh winter weather sets in, said the press release.

Volunteers rounded up, captured, examined and did testing on 120 birds that needed new homes. 40 of those birds were transferred to a rescue location in Colorado, according to a press release.

The all-volunteer rescue is calling on the community's help to buy food and medical supplies for these extra birds.

“Rescues like ours struggle daily with funding. Our animals simply don’t have mainstream appeal,” CWR Board Member Jennifer Gordon said in a press release. “We really need the public's support to care for these birds and find them forever homes.”

To donate for the roosters' care, visit If you're interested in adopting domestic birds from the rescue, email