The race to the governor's mansion is neck and neck, with Attorney General Roy Cooper ahead in the polls by just over two points. But, Governor Pat McCrory got a major economic victory Friday as he stood with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce to announce the city will host the 2018 World Equestrian games.

The event could have an economic impact of $400 million and bring jobs to our area.

"I cannot tell you how much we appreciate from the state of North Carolina and South Carolina for you to make this investment in a first quality-- not just hotel-- but attraction," he said to investors.

McCrory has watched businesses and events set up elsewhere since he signed the controversial law, HB2 back in March. His opponent hopes voters remember all the state has lost since the law was passed, and not economic deals like this one.

"We know HB2 is wrong, because it writes discrimination into our law, so what we have to do is bring the business community together, bring the civil rights communities together, educators together, and let's get this general assembly to repeal this law,' Cooper said. "This isn't good for our state."

McCrory got support from fellow Republicans Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr.

"If you don't have a sign in your yard, put one in it, if you do have a sign in your yard, take two more and put in your neighbors' yards," said Tillis, as he encouraged volunteers and supporters to take yard signs.

"Not only is Donald Trump going to win, Pat McCrory is going to win, I'm going win and it's going to be a red all the way down the ballot, " Sen. Burr said to cheering supporters.