CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An image showing an SUV’s windows shattered, captures new concerns about the danger of BB guns.

Now, NBC Charlotte is learning more than a half dozen vehicles have been damaged and even a home within the past week.

One of the victims is speaking out saying she thought the damage to her vehicle was caused by fireworks at first.

“The night before we heard a lot of fireworks outside,” says Latonya Glaze. “Initially, I thought maybe it had gotten hit with a firecracker.”

However, the police report shows her windows were shot out by a BB gun. Glaze says it happened sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

“I feel violated, disrespected, we work hard for our things,” says Glaze.

Her SUV is among a string of targets over the weekend. More than half a dozen properties were shot by BB guns, including on Eagle Feathers Drive, where two vehicles and a home were hit.

Now, the big question for Glaze is why?

“There’s was nothing missing out of the car, and it sounds a little crazy to expect something to be missing, but just to damage my car for no reason, very frustrating,” says Glaze.

It’s certainly no joke. Gun experts tell NBC Charlotte BB guns can be extremely dangerous. In fact, they say the more powerful ones can penetrate someone’s skull.

Glaze worries the situation could escalate if it’s mistaken for a real gun.

“Whoever is doing it, please stop, it’s senseless,” says Glaze. “You could potentially be putting your life in danger by aiming a BB gun towards someone and they not know who it is.”

Fortunately, in the latest cases, no one was hurt. However, the BB gun incidents did cause thousands of dollars of property damage.

So far, no word on any arrests.