CHINA GROVE, N.C. -- The Rowan County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a homeowner shot a man, who he accused of breaking into his car, early Tuesday morning.

Deputies said the homeowner, Scott Moose, caught 19-year-old Jason Lambert II on his surveillance camera breaking into his car.

He confronted Lambert, who detectives said began walking to his car, which he parked more than 1,000 feet away at an abandoned house off Longfield Drive.

Investigators said as Lambert tried to leave, Moose shot at him once, striking him in the head.

Vicki McClanrock was awoken by the shooting across the street.

"Heard a guy scream, 'Help me! Help me!'" she recalled. "I saw the one that got shot sitting down on the road rocking back and forth."

McClanrock claimed right before the shooting, Lambert broke into her husband's car and their shed as well as several cars belonging to a neighbor.

"Very scary," she said. "We're just going through a lot of scary times right now, and it's just escalating."

Lambert was taken to CMC Main with non-life-threatening injuries.

NBC Charlotte's Brandon Goldner spoke briefly to Moose, who declined to be interviewed, saying the sheriff's investigation was still ongoing.

The sheriff's office hasn't announced any charges.