DEEPHAVEN, Minn. - This Thanksgiving, a Minnesota family has four cute reasons to give thanks.

It all started with a brother and sister who got the best news of their lives, while at the same time, mourning a tragic loss.

Bobby Anderson and Meta Getman grew up in the Twin Cities but now live far apart. Bobby and his wife, Molly, live in Dallas, TX, while Meta and her husband, Michael, live in the Twin Cities. Despite the distance, both siblings keep in touch and see each other once or twice each year.

Their reunion this Thanksgiving has even more meaning.

Joseph and Henry Anderson

"To all be together is just so special because we do live apart and to have this time is just the best. It's the best," said Meta Getman.

After years of trying to conceive, and after successfully going through In Vitro Fertilization in July, Getman gave birth to two twin girls, Eleanor and Adeline, whom she and her husband call "Ellie" and "Addie."

Joseph and Henry Anderson

A few weeks later, Anderson's wife gave birth to two baby boys, named Joseph and Henry. Joseph is named after, in-part for, Anderson's late best friend, Joe Cure. Cure died in a car crash one year ago this month.

"He'd show up and just be a part of our family," said Anderson.

Cure was a known hockey player and many would recognize him from the 2004 movie "Miracle." Anderson says Cure was his best friend.

Joseph and Henry Anderson

Through a year of loss and new life, the Anderson and Getman families feel joy and hope this Thanksgiving.

"Thankful to be here, thankful for all these people, thankful for these babies after all the time we spent trying to have them," said Getman.

"Hopeful that even in dark times or when times are hard, there's still joy and hope that speaks its way and shines its way through," said Anderson.

Both sets of twins were born at 36 weeks and one day.