TAYLORSVILLE, N.C. -- The Alexander County Fire Marshal is warning customers who recently bought kerosene from a local gas station that a mix-up may have resulted in customers receiving gasoline.

The Fire Marshal said the error caused a house to catch fire; authorities say All American Raceway in Taylorsville, off U.S. 64, recently converted its kerosene pump to gasoline.

Gasoline, when used in place of kerosene for heating purposes, can cause a fire.

However, many customers, including Doshia Smith, didn't realize the change.

Her son brought home what they thought was kerosene, and when they used it, it started a fire that spread through their home.

"Thirty years, and then all of a sudden it's gone," Smith said. "Nothing to remember it by; just looking at it now."

Alexander County's Fire Marshal said people who bought from Raceway's pump shouldn't use it for heating purposes.

The Fire Marshal said the owner has been cooperating, and he will keep the pump out of service until proper labeling is placed.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture's Division of Motor Fuels is looking into the incident.

NBC Charlotte tried to interview All American Raceway's owner, but two employees said he wouldn't be back at work until Friday.