CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are now investigating an incident where a teacher admittedly hit an eleven-year-old student with a broom last month.

A classmate took video of the incident that was posted recently on social media. According to CMS, the release of this new video tape led the parent of the student to contact CMS-PD to complete a police report.

The family held a press conference this morning alongside attorneys who are assisting in the case. The mother of the student accused the school of covering up the incident.

The incident took place back on May 15th, but CMS officials said at the time that there wasn't enough evidence to say an assault took place.

The teacher involved has confirmed that the incident did happen, but says it was an accident that occurred while she was trying to grab the broom from the student.

Here is the full statement released by CMS on Tuesday:

As with all safety matters, school administrators would investigate to gain an accurate understanding and seek to find a resolution to the matter. The incident at Cotswold Elementary was reported on May 16th, at that time the school looked into the matter by reviewing school video tape. Nothing was found to substantiate the allegation of an assault against a student. Last week a 2nd video tape surfaced, which led the parent to contact CMS-PD to complete a police report. That process is underway.