ROCK HILL, S.C. -- Vice President Joe Biden hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton Tuesday with stops in Rock Hill and Charlotte. The AME Zion Church's Life Center in Rock Hill hosted Biden and several prominent South Carolina Democrats as they tried to get supporters excited about the election.

The church's first woman bishop said she couldn't endorse a candidate, but encouraged the packed sanctuary to pray and then vote.

Normally a Republican stronghold, South Carolina is now considered a toss-up state in the presidential election with a recent poll from Survey Monkey showing Clinton and Trump in a statistical tie. Biden looked to energize voters to head to the polls and turn SC blue.

"They've thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Hillary Clinton," he said.

Biden said Clinton has been beaten and battered in this campaign. He said she doesn't have the charisma on the trail that her husband Bill or Obama has, but he said she's is the one for the job.

"From the time she's gotten out of college, she's been working for children and families," he said.

The Vice President spoke before a predominantly black crowd in Rock Hill. He got choked up telling a story about his grandchildren having a sleepover with the Obama girls soon after getting the nomination.

"That's how it is supposed to be," he said when recalling seeing white and black children sharing a sleeping bag.

He took a swipe at Donald Trump and his talk of the good old days in reference to his "Make America Great Again," slogan.

"Those good 'ol days weren't all that good for a whole lot of folks," he declared. "The guy who is the head of the ticket started his career as a real estate developer getting sued by not renting to black people."

Biden also made a case for other Democrats running for state and local offices, particularly his former aide and 5th district congressional candidate Fran Person, who introduced the Vice President.

"7 days left," he shouted. "Let's get up in the next 7 days let's bring this home and make this the America we know we can make," he declared to a cheering crowd.

From Rock Hill, Biden headed to Charlotte to speak at the Arbor Glen Outreach Center in a "Get Out the Early Vote" Rally. Early voting in NC ends Saturday, November 5 and so far has favored Democrats. An Elon poll released Tuesday puts Clinton ahead of Trump by 1%, which is within the margin of error. North Carolina has been an important battleground state in the race with frequent visits from both candidates and their backers.

President Obama will campaign in Chapel Hill Wednesday and Charlotte Friday for Clinton.

Donald Trump will be in Concord on Thursday.