STALLINGS, N.C. -- A community is in shock after a freak accident over the weekend leaves a local mom dead.

33-year-old Shelby Dickson was at a parade in Illinois celebrating when the brutal tragedy claimed her life.

Shelby was visiting the small town of Lebanon, IL. where police say, she was trying to get back on a float in the town's parade when she slipped off. That's when the float hit her.

Shelby's mom and 4-year-old son Brock were at the parade, but didn't see it happen.

"It's surreal man. Right now it's just so fresh and just to reflect and think how does this happen, how does something like this happen," said brother-in-law Andy Annunziata.

"She was just a person with a big heart and an overwhelming joy for life," said Annunziata.

"She's a great mother and she's just a great aunt to my daughters and just loved by so many of her cousins and relatives where she was visiting."

Wayne Angle witnessed the whole thing.

"It happened right there where that blue car was sitting," said Angle.

The family now trying to cope with the loss and fill the void.

"The harshest thing and scariest thing in life sometimes is in an instant literally in an instant it can change," said Annunziata.