CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hurricane Matthew’s rains flooded most of Lumberton forcing thousands of water rescues including Kathy, and Sylvester Becote. The couple were pulled onto a boat with little more than each other.

“He couldn’t walk, and I wasn’t going to leave him.” said Kathy. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Once rescued to a shelter the couple were given medical attention prompting Sylvester to tell the staff about the pain coming from his throat.

“I could tell my throat was in bad shape because I couldn’t talk.”

After a series of x-rays, it was determined to be cancer. “They found a mass on his throat.” added Kathy.

Now the couple are in Charlotte staying at the Hospitality House- a charity where families can stay during a medical crisis.

“Whether that’s cancer treatments, or an organ transplant, or a trauma. We like to think of it as Charlotte’s hidden gem.”

Kathy Becote is grateful that through the Hurricane her husband will live longer now that his cancer has been found.

“It’s nothing but God. It’s healing here. A lot of people come here hurt and you have to care for each other and that’s why I love this place.”

The Becotes hope to rebuild their home in Lumberton after the Cancer treatments are complete in 7 weeks.

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