MATTHEWS, N.C. -- With much of our area facing the potential for snow and ice on the roadways in the coming hours- the Matthews Police Department has a message for drivers: Please don't drive in the snow and ice.

"Yes. Stay home if possible. Always for situations like that because here in this area we don't have the road-clearing equipment." said Matthews Police Driving Instructor Tim Aycock. "You're definitely going to experiencing extended times on anything."

Aycock says drivers who do go out should prepare for the worst, like being involved in a crash or being stranded.

"Make sure your car has plenty of gas, make sure your phone is fully charged. Have a protein bar, water, something to eat and drink if you're stranded."

Aycock says the most important tip is to drive slowly and greatly increase your following distance. Matthews PD will have extra officers on standby to assist residents if needed during the storm.