MATTHEWS, N.C. -- A "Super Street" through Matthews hit a road block with residents.

But on Monday, the DOT hosted a public meeting to share new ideas to ease congestion.

"Sometimes I sit at the end of my driveway for five or so minutes waiting to get out," said Teresa Scott. "There is a lot of traffic."

Scott lives on John Street which is part of the 6.5-mile stretch of road that could be converted to a super street or highway. She says she wants to see something done, but a highway through the heart of Matthews is not her idea of a solution.

"I'm okay with if they were to improve the road, but not if this big construction project is going to be terrible for the town of Matthews," she declared.

NCDOT released plans last fall to address traffic and congestion in Matthews, Stallings and Indian Trail. Neighbors like Scott, immediately made their feelings known.

"No 'Superstreet,'" Scott asserted. "Not in my backyard or my front yard."

Yard signs showing disapproval of the project can be seen along John Street. However, DOT's spokesperson Jennifer Thompson says they have listened to public and elected officials concerns.

An updated map was released Monday and residents will have an opportunity to view and chime in on the changes at a meeting. Three loons are no longer part of the project, including the one slated for the front of Scott's home. The median width would also be reduced from 23 inches to eight inches.

Scott says she welcomes the changes but says she still isn't sure if she's on board with the project.

"Ready to listen to what they have to say, and I hope they are going to listen to what we have to say," she said.