CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts says the city is prepared for the snowstorm threatening the city, but she added that area residents need to do their part too.

"Everyone should use caution and only do what is absolutely necessary outdoors." Roberts said.

City DOT trucks have already brined streets and are standing by with salt, sand and plows for when the snow starts accumulating.

The Mayor says the snow is not going to be the only issue.

"One of the challenges is go is its going to be below freezing for much of the weekend and so its not going to get to where it really warms up so pipes are going to freeze and we want people to be extra vigilant," Roberts said.

The Charotte Men's Shelter and trhe Salvation Army Center of Hope are preparing for additional homeless people who might come in and will allow people to stay in the shelters during the day for as long as necessary.

Charlotte Fire is bringing in 20 additional firefighters just in case more crews are needed.

CATS will suspend the Gold Line trolly service as of 10 pm.

The Mayor says she hopes once people get home Friday night they just stay home until the storm ends and the roads have been cleared.