CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The county commissioners heard the public's opinion and debated Tuesday night on whether the county should regulate the Whitewater Center in an effort to keep visitors safe.

The debate comes after an 18-year-old died visiting the center in June.

The regulation means the county will put a list of protocols in place to ensure another brain-eating amoeba could not survive in the environment.

The unanimous vote included a $500 fee for annual testing.

These regulations would be put in effect:

- The water must be disinfected with chlorine in addition to a secondary disinfection method such as, ozone or ultraviolet light.

- Test kits to measure disinfectant levels, pH, and total alkalinity must also be maintained at the center.

- The water must be inspected at least twice a day, once before visitors get in and four to six hours after they get out.

For any violation of the regulations, there would be a $500 fee.