CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A group of ministers from across the state gathered in Charlotte today to answer the head of the North Carolina NAACP, who was critical of ministers who prayed at the White House with President Trump.

Among the ministers who prayed with the president was Dr. William Land from the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, who said the ministers were actually following the word of scripture.

"The Bible commands me to pray for those who are in authority," Land said.

A photograph from the White House showed the ministers with their hands on the president as they prayed for him.

That brought a rebuke from Dr. William Barber, the head of the NAACP in North Carolina who is himself a minister.

Barber said on MSNBC that was "theological malpractice bordering on heresy."

Dr. Land said the ministers were simply asking God to give the president wisdom and guidance, and he had this message for Barber, "Those you would change you must first love. I don't feel very loved by Brother Barber."

This all comes the same week that Charlotte City Council member Dimple Ajmera appeared on the NBC Charlotte Flashpoint program and said, "Supporters that have supported Trump and all his cronies should be voted out."

Trump supporters are now planning to demonstrate at the next Council meeting.