MONROE, N.C. -- Union County was behind Donald Trump on election night and most remain behind the President who continues to be at the center of questions about Russian interference in that election.

Outside the Post Office today one Trump supporter after another said they saw no reason to withdraw their support.

Trump voter, Tom Greco, indicated he believed some of what Trump has claimed about 'fake news.'

"I'm just searching for the truth more than anything else, and I'm not sure I get it from the media in general," said Greco.

Other voters, like Bob Lawson, who did not vote for Trump say he is not living up to all those big promises he made.

"First of all he is not concentrating on what is supposed to be happening here in the United States, as far as getting highways fixed, as far as health care, and as far as getting a budget," he said.

NBC Charlotte has gone back to talk to Trump voters in Monroe three times since the election. On Wednesday, for the first time, voter Gwen Daneley, said all the talk about Trump and possible ties to Russian had her greatly concerned.

When asked, if the next election was tomorrow, would she vote again for Trump, she replied, "I can't say."