PINEVILLE, N.C. -- A Charlotte Family is grieving the loss of a loved one after a man riding a moped was killed overnight by a driver, who witnesses say was drunk.

Authorities responded to a call of an accident in the 9600 block of Pineville-Road.

Pineville Police say the car driving northbound on Carolina Place Parkway crossed the intersection, veered off to the right and hit the moped that was westbound on Highway 51.

Police have arrested a Lancaster man who is thought to be the driver.

The arrest was made after Jeremy Ghent, a contractor, found the man asleep near a construction project along Little Sugar Creek across the street from where the collision took place.

Ghent went back to the scene and told police about what he saw and they eventually apprehended the suspect. He had no idea his simple gesture could have lauded him as a hero.

"Everybody is somebody's son or daughter," Ghent said. "It's a shame that somebody's life got lost.

He said he is thankful that the victim's family will have some form of closure.

Officials have not yet released the suspect and the victim's identities.