CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Families in Myers Park are concerned as Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police continue their search for the man who allegedly tried to kidnap and assault a teenager in Myers Park Wednesday.

Police said the alleged incident happened in broad daylight along Briarcliff Place around 8:30 a.m. A witness told NBC Charlotte that the victim is just 17 years old. He said she was on her way home from the Myers Park Country Club when the alleged assault took place.

"They were a couple houses down and I just kept an eye on them," said the witness. "He started grinding on her just gyrating on her in a very sexual way.

"We immediately decided to call 911. As you look down a little bit further you see him pulling on her in more of a struggle."

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The incident comes on the heels of two attempted abductions in southwest Charlotte earlier this month. Police said a man in a Mercedes-Benz sedan pointed a gun at a runner and demanded that she get in the car. About an hour later, that same suspect approached another jogger.

"All these incidents around Charlotte put you on alert," said the witness. "It's just really unsettling."