CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A North Carolina State Senator is not backing down from a Twitter rant where he used the term "Jihad Media."

Senator Dan Bishop (R-Mecklenburg) initially directed his tweets to the Raleigh News & Observer after it reported on proposed cuts to Attorney General Josh Stein's Budget.

Bishop tweeted, "How can I 'disagree' with a 'news' story? Isn't it supposed to be facts? Or is it jihad: 'any vigorous, emotional crusade'?"

Bishop's initial tweet garnered few likes, but more than one hundred comments criticizing his characterization of the media. However, Bishop continued to tweet. In one post, he referred to Attorney General Stein, who is a Democrat, as "AWOL."

"His tweets are irresponsible and they do not reflect and should not reflect the members of the North Carolina General Assembly," Sen. Joel Ford (D-Mecklenburg) asserted.

"Sometimes the press says things you may not like," said Ford, who is also running for mayor of Charlotte. "If we're going to be elected officials, you have to take the good with the bad."

Sen. Jeff Tarte (RMecklenburg) was critical of his colleagues remarks.

In a statement, he said, "everyone needs to step back and take a breath and think about the situation. As elected official we have a responsibility to act as good role models on social media"

Senate President pro-tem Phil Berger also chimed in. His spokesperson Shelly Carver said, "it would probably be helpful for all sides to tone down the over-the-top rhetoric against those involved in various forms of public service."

However, her focus shifted towards religious leaders making reference to remarks made by Former NC NAACP Pres. William J. Barber.

Barber previously referred to legislative Republicans as an "all-white, extremist caucus that has hijacked the Republican Party.."

Carver said, "we have not seen the media hold those people to account." She went on to say, "while Sen. Berger wouldn't have used those words, he certainly understands Sen. Bishop's frustration with the overt liberal bias of some of the state's reporters."

Sen. Ford said, "I'm glad to hear that Sen. Berger not supporting Sen. Bishop's rants concerning the media, but this is not about Rev. Barber. This is about Sen. Dan Bishop and he was reckless and irresponsible in his comment towards the media."