DAVIDSON, N.C. - A growing group of neighbors in Davidson is fighting to save 18 acres of land from developers.

They are claiming the original property owner who sold the town the land stipulated what could be done with the land and it did not include the plans the town is considering.

At issue: 18 acres of land off Beaty Street.

Denise Beall lives next door to the land in question.

"It would diminish my quality of life," She said.

Beall and other neighbors say the tract of land is one of the last, large, undeveloped parcels of land near downtown Davidson.

Rusty Knox, who is running for Mayor, is the son of a previous Mayor who was part of the deal when the town bought the land.

Knox says the bill of sale says the property could only be used in the future for a "park, playground, or other public recreational purpose."

Knox said, "My dad's name is on the contract and he signed for the town of Davidson as Mayor."

Neighbors say what Davidson is considering allowing is a complex that would include a hotel, retail and units of affordable housing.

Beall said, "I think the idea of a conference center and hotel in a residential neighborhood is scary."

Neighbors will stage a demonstration at this evening's meeting of the town Board of Commissioners where the plans were to be discussed, but earlier today that item was pulled from tonight's agenda.

The town's spokesperson said in a statement, "The Board of Commissioners need more time to further discuss with the developer and consider the proposal."

The statement goes on to say that no future date has been set yet for the proposal to come up again before the Commissioners.