CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- When CMS students return to campus in August, they will be given training on how to deal with differences at school.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools principals just finished training Monday on how to deal with the changes that include allowing transgender students' access to bathrooms of their choice on campus.

“So at CMS, we are going to be clear: students may use the restroom or changing facility that corresponds to their gender identity,” said CMS principal in residence, Ivy Gill.

CMS will make special accommodations for transgender students starting next school year.

“If there is a request for increased privacy in the restroom or locker room, we will provide a private or screened off area in a locker rooms, a separate changing facility schedule or use of a nearby private area such as a staff office or single restroom or shower,” said Ivy.

CMS attorneys say they are just following the law.

“That's the law of the land. It states in the 4th Circuit Court, which North Carolina is one of the states, so just make no mistake about it, this isn't CMS taking a stand against HB 2 or our legislators, this is CMS following the law as it states,” said CMS attorney, George Battle.