CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Move over men! There's a new brewery in town and it's all about the ladies.

It's Charlotte's first female owned brewery and get this, every single beer celebrates an influential woman's accomplishments!

"Solo Flight American," named after Amelia Earhart. Earhart, an American aviation pioneer and the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

"Find a Way Wheat," named after Diana Nyad. Nyad was the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage.

"Get Your Gun Golden," named after Annie Oakley.

"We wouldn't want to challenge her to a duel but we'd love to have a beer with her," folks at Bold Missy say to their Facebook page.

"Rocket Ride IPA," named for Sally Ride. Ride was the first American woman in space

"You Get a Lager," inspired by Oprah herself.

Owner, Carol Waggener, is a bit of a 'bold missy' herself.

She has a rich history in the brew business working with Anheuser-Busch for a decade, before switching gears to a Charlotte based snack company.

However, it was a South End pub crawl three years ago that reminded her of her true passion.

"I want to get back to beer, this is what I want to do, most fun I've ever had in my career," Waggener said.

After all, girls just want to have fun, right?

"This is a great opportunity a great perspective. 28% of craft beer drinkers are women," Waggener tells NBC Charlotte.

Waggener and her team are catering to the lovely ladies of the Queen City, but don't worry fellas, chances are you'll like it too!

"I enjoy new types of beer, but I enjoy traditional beer," Dan Baker said. He is in charge of the 15-barrel brew house in the back.

In addition to making great beer, the team has decided to make a difference in our community! They're calling the first Wednesday of every month "drink one down for your town" where all proceeds will benefit a local charity.

"We want to give back to the city who has been so great to us," Waggener says.

The brewery is the new kids on the block in NoDa. You can check it out for yourself at 610 Anderson Street.