SALISBURY, N.C. -- An NFL player is mourning the loss of a relative.

In a tweet, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Keion Adams posted "I'd do anything to have my brother Anthony Gill and Cousin Chiefin Quick back man."

On Saturday, police said 22-year-old Anthony Gill and 23-year-old Daquan Roberton were both shot and killed in Salisbury. Two others, 22-year-old Quandarius Davis and 20-year-old Kayla McCullers were both hospitalized from the same shooting.

Davis was released from the hospital but McCullers was transported to an area hospital Saturday.

Adams, a Salisbury native who attended Salisbury High School, also tweeted that he is going to dedicate the 2017 NFL season to the shooting victims. Adams told WTAE in Pittsburgh that the victims were his best friend and his cousin.