CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's an all-hands on deck approach in Mecklenburg County, as the Board of Elections tallies, sorts, organizes and enters the results Tuesday.

It's an intricate process, that takes a lot of teamwork.

"We've got it designed in the parking lot where they come up the side street come up the back entrance," said Director of Elections Michael Dickerson.

Mecklenburg County's election results started coming in and Director of Elections Michael Dickerson said there were few issues throughout the day.

"Nothing major, just the standard stuff," Dickerson said.

The same can't be said for the folks in Durham as technical issues with an electronic poll book caused major delays at polling sites, resulting in the State Board of Elections approving to let those locations keep the polls open after 7:30 p.m. Dickerson says the same issue wouldn't be able to happen here.

"We're still sort of old fashioned," Dickerson said. "We still use an old fashioned paper poll book that we kind of like and we've gotten used to it."

He says voter turnout in the county was mixed, with some places busy all day, and others just steady. Still, he's pleased with how this crazy day went.

"Overall I think it went over quite well," Dickerson said.

Even with no major issues here in Mecklenburg County, Dickerson says his staff will debrief after tonight to see what they can improve on in the future.